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Video: D.I.Y. Colorblocked Shoes


DIY: Customized Pins

Making your own customized pins is a perfect way to personalize any shirt, jacket, backpack, and any other clothing/accessories in your wardrobe. I’ve been making my own for a while now and thought it was a quick, easy DIY for everyone else to do. It’s also a lot more cost efficient to make your own. You […]

DIY: Googly Eyes Hair Barrettes

Guys, I’m all about googly eyes! It adds a certain cartoonish element to an overall look, which is never a bad thing. You can make them into collar pins, hair pins, or hair barrettes (which is what I did here). I made these funky barrettes using various ones from the craft store. Supplies I used Colorful googly eyes, […]

DIY: Floral Tiara Crown

I make things all the time, call it an addiction. Since I’ve been making floral crowns and floral tiaras for a while now, I wanted to show you how I put my spin on floral crowns by using a tiara base. Your result is somewhat similar to a Meadham Kirchoff-like kitschy spectacle. All you need is: […]