I listed a bunch of new items at my Etsy shop styled around an Independence Day / Classic Americana motif. Hope you enjoy and check out the new listings here


A new video up on my YouTube channel on some of my favorite party and night outfits. Click play, will ya?


The latest from my YouTube Channel, where I discuss what my resolutions or the new year. Hope you enjoy.


You can’t ignore it–the holidays are here! Now is the time to gather all your white elephant gifts, ugly sweaters, holiday ale, and cheery attitude for any of your pending festivities. Let these holiday classics provide you with more than just warm fuzzies, by taking a little outfit inspiration for any/all occasions filling your calender. IT’S […]


With the new trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel surfacing on the web, I have had Wes Anderson movies perpetually playing in my head like a nostalgic daydream. So to psych myself up for his latest film set to premiere next Spring, I wanted to showcase some of the best style moments captured from characters in his films. Rushmore […]


A peek inside my journal for October.   X Elle


“I really believe there are things which nobody would see unless I photograph them.” – Diane Arbus My first introduction to a Diane Arbus photograph was in my late-teens visiting New York City, shuffling around the city streets and popping in and out of galleries. Back then (and even now) I was thirsty for art and […]


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